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flooding, more severe weather, more things take a toll. we've got to find a way to get renewable energy. >> i understand your politics. good luck to you. just make sure you're careful on the road as i'm sure you can understand. you guys be careful. basically this guy, i guess he's with greenpeace and he's driving around figuring something out about global warming. so right over here, make sure when you're out, that you make sure that you stay away from these trees. back to you in the studio, guys. >> sho mami, thanks so much. >> schools across the washington area announced closures for tomorrow. in virginia, public schools in anne arundel, arlington, calvert, charles, culpepper county all closed tomorrow. schools in fauquier, fairfax, loudoun and alexandria and falls church closed tomorrow. no classes. in maryland, howard, montgomery, prince william, st. mary's, prince george's county schools all closed tomorrow. lastly, d.c. public schools will be closed. >> those who live along the chesapeake bay are keeping an extra close eye out for sandy. >> news4's derrick ward spent this day in c
these little pieces of energy rotating around it. you get some sunshine and then the very cold air aloft and with that sunshine it just helps to create those clouds in that colder air. so that's why we continue to see the cloud cover across the region. that's also why they continue to see snow showers back toward the west. here's our area of low pressure. still up to the north and east. very cool day for us. and rather breezy today. mostly cloudy if not totally cloudy. just about all day this afternoon. by the time we reach tomorrow, though, area of low pressure should move far enough to the north and east that i don't think we'll see quite as many clouds. i still think we'll see clouds tomorrow but we'll start off hopefully with some sunshine out there. it will be cool and it will be breezy once again with winds 15 to 20 miles an hour and maybe some higher gusts. just make sure you have your jacket on as we go out this weekend because we are looking at a cool weekend. even on sunday another system passes us down to the south and that brings in even cooler air and again on the breezy sid
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2